Mar-Schell’s Music repair department offers:

Guitar Repair & Setup: Reasonable Rates, Quality Work !

Full Set-up*$45 (add $20 for 12 string or locking bridge)

Replace Nut$40 (Custom) / $25 (Preshaped)

Fret Dress$50 + $45 (for setup)

Fix Broken Headstock$85 + $60 (Splints)

Restring$15 – $25

Electronics$25 and up

Prices vary depending on the job. We can provide you with a free estimate before the repair begins.

* Includes: (Restring, Set Intonation, Adjust Truss Rod, Adjust Nut & Saddle, Clean / Oil Fretboard, Polish Frets, Tighten Tuners, Clean Instrument)

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