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Blog – Mar-Schell's Music

Drum Tuning – “DoD”

Drum Tuning – Part One – Snare and Toms. The number one rule is….. If your drums sound good to you… That’s all that matters!  That being said you will need some understanding of a few basic principles. Drummers frequently change the “Batter Side” on any given drum.  It is common to replace the Snare […]

Epiphone Les Paul Studio

When shopping for a guitar, there are many important considerations that need to be made. In all honesty, finding a good sounding or good looking guitar is only about half the battle. A new guitar should feel great, above all other considerations. After all, you aren’t going to play a guitar that doesn’t feel right in your hands […]

Digitech Harmony Man

I’d like to open by saying that this is actually the first digital pedal that I have ever spent a meaningful amount of time with, and it was a pleasure. Harmonizers are not really new technology, though in the past, units were bulky and their actual capabilities were somewhat limited. The Harmony Man on the other hand is […]